Finding Your Style: A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Your Personal Style.

Alright, so in my last post, I’d talked about personal style, making sure to explain what it is as well as why we need to develop our own style (click here to check out my last post), and in this follow up post, I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide to help you find your personal style.

Now, when it comes to finding your personal style, one thing you have to consider is the fact that while there are some people who might find it quite easy to discover theirs, there are also others who are going to have a really hard time discovering theirs & who might have to pass through a whole lot of fashion blunder phases before getting it right, however your style journey might be, what really matters is that at the end of the day you are able to find a style that expresses you really well, one which has you looking and feeling good.

When trying to define your personal style, you have to consider the fact that your style is a representation of who you are as you are using your fashion choices to express your personality, and people will be able to form an impression of you based on your exterior, so paying attention to your style kinda helps you make a really good impression on people (scratch the kinda, it actually does).

Things To Consider When Trying To Find Your Personal Style.

When trying to find your personal style, there are a couple of things that you’ve got to put into consideration as they have quite the influence on your style choice because your personal style also has to be something that works for you,and theee So what exactly are the things you need to consider when trying to find your style? Well here are a few things that you should consider;

1.) Your personality: This of course is a no brainer. Your personal style is an expression of who you are, and your personality is basically the very essence of who you are. Your personality is the greatest influence on your style because your style is basically an expression of who you are using your outfits.

2.) Your taste in clothes: Your taste in clothes simply refers to the type of clothes and accessories you like wearing as well as your preferences when it comes to wearing them. Now, although your personality has the highest influence on your style, there are other things that hold sway over your taste in clothes such as experiences, lifestyle and personal preferences.

3.). Your lifestyle: Yes the kinda lifestyle you have has a direct effect on your lifestyle because you have to find a style that not only works for you but also fits in with your lifestyle. Of course, you can also dress according to the life you want but don’t go overboard with it, otherwise it won’t be nice .

4.) Your wallet: Remember the saying, “Cut your coat according to your cloth”? Yeah, that’s where your wallet comes in, the little guy who holds your money, your purse and so on in them. If you’re trying to develop a style, then make sure that you don’t try to develop a style that’s more than your income can maintain.

5.) Your body type: Like it or not, your body type has quite a huge role to play when it comes to finding your style because not only are you looking for a style that expresses your personality well, you’re also looking for a style that works very well for you and fits your silhouette.

6.) Your style icons: I kept this for last because it’s not really necessary and if you want to skip it you can, but then the thing is that your style is greatly influenced by the people whose style sense you admire the most (however this influence isn’t really an overt one but is rather covert).

How To Find Your Personal Style.

Before I go on to list the necessary steps, I have to let you are that the process varies from person to person and that everyone has their own unique style journey, some have it easy while others have to go through a bit of a challenge before they are able to find their style. However, to generalise it, here is a summed up list of the steps involved in finding your style;

1.) Get to know yourself: To be able to find your style, you have to learn more about yourself and the multiple facets of it because your style is an expression of your personality. Take out the time to find a style that works for you (or at least have an idea if what fits you. The key here is to understand yourself and what kind of clothes would fit you best and do the most for you (you just need to have an idea, vague or otherwise).

2.) Look Into Your Wardrobe: Armed with your cute little idea of what style would suit you best, go through your wardrobe and check if it rhymes with your idea of style. Take note of the pieces you wear the most as well as the least worn, the pieces that best suit that style and the ones that don’t.

3.) Purge That Closet: Now that you’ve looked through your wardrobe and are aware of just what you’re working with, it’s time for you to clear your wardrobe of all the pieces that don’t resonate with your style and dispose of them (either by selling them off or giving them out. Purging your closet of clothes that don’t fit you helps to set your style journey in motion.

4.) Get Visual: Now, it’s time for you to go browsing, and I’d suggest you use Pinterest for this cause it really helps out with this process. Here’s how it goes; just take out the time to go online and look for pictures of outfits that reflect your style and pin those images to a board specially created for that purpose. It helps you to clarify that vague idea in your head.

5.) Pick Your Style Spirit Animal: Which celebrity do you love their style sense so much? Make a list of celebrities whose style sense inspires you the most (maybe they use their style to send a message that you can relate to or because you love the way they accessories) from top to bottom and lick out the one who inspires you the most. Use them as inspiration.

6.) Time To Start Building: Armed with your celebrity inspiration and your Pinterest fashion board, it’s time for you to start shopping for your dream wardrobe so you can bring it to life. This is the most fun part of the whole definition process (and it is a process of it’s own).

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about finding your personal style, I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to engaging with you in the comments section. Well, I guess I’m done here for today, see you next time guys❤.

Yours’ truly, Terra❤.

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